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Received Nov 25; Accepted Oct 9. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Background Heart failure HF is a life-limiting illness and patients with advanced heart failure often suffer from severe physical and psychosocial symptoms. Particularly in older patients, HF often occurs in conjunction with other chronic diseases, resulting in complex co-morbidity.

Music videos[ edit ] Two separate videos were produced for "Mein Herz brennt", one for the original version and another for the piano version. The music video for the piano version of the song premiered on 7 December on Vimeo.

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The video shows Till Lindemann wearing a black dress and fishnets, while also sporting black and white face paint. The entire bathroom is light red, and in the centre is a 'T' shaped pool emitting light.

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  • Начиналась очередная схватка.

The video consists of close-ups on Lindemann singing from behind the pool, until the second verse begins, where he begins to walk to the pool's foot.

As the song closes, Lindemann walks into it and its light fades. The music video for the piano version is the first video since "Mutter" to show only Lindemann.

Ведь им говорили - и не только вы, - что за ними ведется постоянное наблюдение. Но даже зная, что инопланетяне, какими бы они ни были, не намереваются вмешиваться в повседневную деятельность людей, ваши родичи не стерпели самого их присутствия. Вездеход подъехал к основанию горы. - Я хотела побывать здесь, - проговорила Синий Доктор, - из любопытства.

The video for the original version was released on 14 December. In this video, the character of the Sandman is played by Melanie Gaydos. She first appears to a sleeping Richard Z.

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Kruspetriggering nightmares and sending him into a state of agony. Meanwhile, Till terrorizes the complex of Beelitz-Heilstättenwhich acts an orphanage.

  1. Не сомневаюсь, за нами скоро придут, - высказала догадку Элли.

  2. Она никак не могла понять предложение, которое ей уже повторили два раза.

  3. Думала Николь.

He kidnaps the orphans and places them in a cage located in the main bathroom. A female warden attempts to defend the children with a shotgun, but Till overpowers single but my heart is taken meaning.

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The warden appears in the video both young Viktorija Bojarskaja and old Anna von Rüden singlebörse bergisch gladbach, while Till remains the same age, indicating immortality and paranormal abilities. While guarding the orphans, Till takes a grotesque, insect-like form with an elongated head and fingers.

The children are then used in various examinations and surgeries with the rest of the band playing the doctors.

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The female warden is also seen assisting them in her younger form. One of the surgeries sees a child's tears extracted through a syringe, which is then vaginally injected by the Sandman.

The Sandman is also subject to examinations by the doctors, as Paul H.

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Landers is seen giving her a gynecological examination. She later walks in a dress shielding two small children, possibly indicating that the tears are involved in a form of In vitro fertilisation. While Till is away from the main bathroom, the children portrayed by the rest of the band as disheveled adults escape from their cage and the orphanage.

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This causes Till to tear out and consume his own heart while the Heilstätten is engulfed in an inferno. The video ends with the liberated walking away from the building, while the chorus of the piano version plays in the background, signalling the video of the piano version single but my heart is taken meaning an afterword.

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